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Having a family or friend gathering? Want to paddle a canoe with all of them, at once?

About the Canoe

The 25' Old Town 'War Canoe' was built in 1930 and shipped to Torrington CT. The Old Town War Canoes, which are either 25' or 34', were made with summer camps in mind, and many summer camps up and down the east coast had a fleet of them. This particular boat has lived a long life on and off the water, and is currently being restored in a Montville chicken barn. Originally a deep blue, the boat came to Jackie covered in green-painted fiberglass. The big question is: What color should it become?

Rental includes 

  • Captain Jackie, who will orchestrate the group to paddle together, seamlessly

  • PFD's, paddles

Half Day: $290

Full Day: $450

Full Day with lunch and drinks: $625

Old Town War Canoe

Paddling the North Canoe

The 25' canoe seats 11 small humans, so anywhere from 5-9 adults. We can paddle any pond or lake or calm tidal water, take everything we need for a fun day on the water, swimming, exploring, and learning how to work together.

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